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Golden Ears Chapter  

Photo Gallery

PITT MEADOWS PARADE - 2015 PITT MEADOWS PARADE - 2015 Tim's parking lot At Tim's waiting for everyone 198768701 lining up In position #20 for this year's parade 198768702 Under the hood Randy checking the temperature of the 66! 198768704 Beautiful day Great day for a parade 198768703 Jim & Shirley on parade In the 36 International 198768705 John & Phyllis In the 63 Pontiac 198768706 Ron & Meghan In their 69 Marauder 198768707 Blaine In the 27 Chevrolet 198768708 Neil & Irene In their 28 Model A 198768709 The Magnusson's Where's your car? 198768710 Cathy with the family Norm was a little under the weather, so Cathy came to watch 198768711 The Morrison's A great day to watch with the family 198768712 At the airport Lunch at the airport - great way to finish off 198768713 At the airport Some lunched inside 198768714 At the airport More of us 198768715 At the airport The Peacock's chose to eat outside 198768716